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1st_first_time's Journal

First Time
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This community was created when I read a fic by Rhasa, where she said that there should be "first time archive" for all sorts of characters from all sorts of shows who get together for the first time.

So here it is!

Posting Rules

Please post ONLY your own writing. If you wish to recommend someone else's work, then please post a link to the website or the journal entry where the fic is posted. And please, only link to public journal entries.

The following format should be followed when posting a story:

o All fiction posted should be labeled as fiction by having the word FIC in the subject line.

o Use the follwing format when posting your fics:

Pairings (if applicable)
Character(s) (if applicable)

o Please identify if your story is Het or Slash. Some people would prefer to avoid one or the other. If such is not specified, then it will be assumed that the story is gen-fic.

o You MUST include a warning if your story contains anything that others might find offensive (such as rape, non-con, extreme violence, character death, etc)

o Anything longer than a 100 word drabble and anything NC-17 should be kept behind an lj-cut tag.

If you are posting a recommendation, please make a note of that in the subject
line of the journal entry. You may simply put REC, or FIC REC, or Recommendation, or whatever as long as it conveys that you are reccing fic.

All work posted will be marked in the memories according to fandom. This makes it easier for people to find certain stories and reading material.
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